Fixing Cracked or Broken Teeth With Dental Implants

Sometimes we are involved in accidents that leave us with cracked or broken teeth. This situation may give you difficulties when chewing food or may even lower your self-esteem. That’s why these cracked and broken teeth need some fixing for you to get back to your normal shape.

One of the ways to fix cracked or broken teeth is through tooth implants. Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that play an important role of replacing your tooth when it is cracked beyond repair. Mentioned below is the procedure of fixing cracked or broken teeth with dental implants.

Placing the Implant

The metal post meant to replace your tooth is implanted inside the holes drilled in the bone that is exposed after a cut is made by the surgeon to open up the gum. After this procedure, your doctor can give you a temporary artificial tooth to improve your look.

Individualized Treatment Plans

implanted toothAn individualized treatment plan includes your individual tooth fixation needs to be observed by a group of professionals that are involved in the oral surgery of dental cases.

Depending on the implantation needs that you have, this plan comes with the best tooth implant strategy that will be ideal for you.

Bone Development

Six months after the surgery, the jaw bone is usually already developed and joined to the top of the implant surface. This, in turn, creates a firm base for your artificial tooth placement.

Post Attachment

When the healing process is over, the doctor then attaches a post to the tooth implant that will give support to the crown. This post is normally attached along with zirconium abutments that give the crown clearness properties like that of any other natural teeth.

Crown Placement

After the post is attached successfully, a crown that is colored to match the color of the rest of your teeth is placed on it to give you the most natural look that you would ever want.

After Surgery

After a patient has undergone a dental implantation, they may experience some pain which can be easily treated with the intake of painkillers. Also, note that after this procedure, the patient is required to take soft foods only.

If you have been experiencing confidence issues because of your cracked or broken tooth, don’t hesitate to go for a tooth implant and begin to walk with your head held high. It is a procedure that is quite safe and has worked for many patients who have cracked their teeth either through accidents or old age.