Hidden Signs Of Depression You Should Know About


Depression has now been accepted as a mental disorder, but it still has a lot of stigmas associated with it. Even though it affects a large population especially in the US and other parts of the world, many people do not know more about the actual nature of this disease. Hence it makes people who are undergoing through this disorder not to come out as they fear discrimination.

Depression has some symptoms, and it affects various people differently. This problem goes unsolved and not diagnosed as people are not ready to come out for help. People hide their condition or learn how to stay with it in the case of concealed depression. It is essential for people to know signs of depression so that they can help their loved ones who have got hidden depression to seek help. The following are some of the symptoms of depression you should know about:

Disturbed Sleeping And Eating Patterns

Depression somehow changes your eating and sleeping patterns. It can be a sign of depressionDepression when there is a change in the eating and sleeping habits of an individual. Depressed beings tend not to eat or over eat.

They are high chances of a person turning to something or being addicted to some substance so as to cope feeling of hopelessness or being sad. Getting enough sleep for a healthy body and mind is important.

Not Able To Share Problems

People who are undergoing depression are believed to be often sad, likes to be alone all the time and they may not dress appropriately. Though this is not true as many people can seem to be happy and neatly dressed, they can be fighting depression discreetly.

Loss Of Interest In Hobbies

It can indicate depression when one no longer enjoy the things they used to without any reason. People no longer have the energy to enjoy what they used to do since depression is mentally and physically exhausting. In fact, one can get mad if they are requested to do these activities.

Being Overemotional

DepressionPeople who are trying not to show their depression are more emotional compared to others. Most of the times their reactions are not at par with the situation. Example an individual who do not cry may cry over something small like when they drop something like utensils. This reaction often occurs when someone is trying to fight and hide depressive feelings.

It is advisable to accept, support and love anyone who is close to you and they are depressed.