Myths About Hepatitis C You Should Know About

Hepatitis C is a condition that comes from an infection from Hepatitis C virus. This disease can damage your liver if you stay with over time. Doctors have the information they need on this ailment as they have conducted many types of research over the years. It is hard to see any symptoms at the initial stage of this disease though some individuals have stayed with it for some time.

The ailment is noticed when people begin to have serious health issues rising from the infection that results in from Hepatitis C virus. They can lead to severe problems in the kidney and the liver. But some individuals just face the problem of vomiting, fever, and fatigue at the early stages. The following are the myths associated with this disease.

Availability Of Vaccines

This is a popular myth about the availability of vaccine for Hepatitis C. However the truth is that there is no vaccine for this disease as there is for hepatitis A and B. Researchers are working on finding a vaccine that will work for this condition. So, persons who suffer from Hepatitis C are advised to be tested and be immunized on Hepatitis A and B by health professionals. The reason is you can get infected latter it can enhance your possibilities of getting sick.

Hepatitis C Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease

This is the commonly known myth that Hepatitis C is spread through sexual transmission. People should be aware This is not a transmitted venereal disease. However, sexual contact can transmit it. As a fact, body fluids like semen and saliva do not spread Hepatitis C. The virus is found in the body fluid, but they are negligibly low. The virus can be transmitted through blood to blood contact which is a major factor.

Hepatitis C Is Spread Through Coughing, Shaking Hands And Kissing

It is a common myth that encompasses the disease. People are regularly heard saying that shaking hands can spread hepatitis C, coughing or kissing. But we should be aware that any casual contact does not cause this illness. However, if you are living with an infected individual, you should be conscious on sharing things like toothbrush, razors and nail clippers. This item can lead to possible chances of infection as they have traces of blood of the infected person. So, it is advisable to avoid using sharp objects that have been used by the individuals.

It is also important to know that people suffering from Hepatitis C need to be treated. So it is advised that they go to hospitals and be diagnosed at an early stage for treatment to begin.